• Omni-Immersion Vision


  • Foreign Language Acquisition
    社會互動 . 合作任務 . 創新教學設計
  • 3D Virtual Reality
    真實性生活化 . 主動式沉浸經驗 . 擬真情境
  • Learning in a FLOW State
    沉浸 . 互動 . 想像



2020-05-18 22:09:54

The 3rd Pan-Pacific Technology-Enhanced Language Learning & Critical Thinking Meeting


The 3rd Pan-Pacific Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (PPTELL 2020) & Critical Thinking Meeting is organized by University of North Texas (UNT) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). PPTELL 2020 will be hosted via ZOOM, will be held at the Gateway Center, University of North Texas, USA, from June 29th to July 1st, 2020 (Monday to Wednesday) and conference program will be made available soon.


The conference theme is “Expanding Global Horizon through Technology Enhanced Language Learning” aiming to uncover the important issues in language learning and teaching in the intelligent, digital era. “Connectivity” is a contemporary style of learning and living. By engaging in the connectivity of physical and digital worlds, how essential parts of language learning and teaching can be achieved? To answer the question, plenty of inspiring activities are included in PPTELL 2020 to enlighten cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration, including keynote speeches, paper presentations and poster section, and technology showcase.


PPTELL 2020 will be a platform for knowledge and experience exchange among researchers, educators, and practitioners.


PPTELL 2020 Website: http://pptell2020.tcsl.ntnu.edu.tw/