• Omni-Immersion Vision


  • Foreign Language Acquisition
    社會互動 . 合作任務 . 創新教學設計
  • 3D Virtual Reality
    真實性生活化 . 主動式沉浸經驗 . 擬真情境
  • Learning in a FLOW State
    沉浸 . 互動 . 想像


Are you eager to learn Chinese? Its culture, cuisine, people...? Are you thinking about backpacking in Taiwan or any other Chinese speaking country? 不要怕!Your journey starts here!

NTNU-TELL On-line Chinese Course will help you develop the necessary Chinese language and cultural skills that will help you with that, and much more along the road! These courses will provide you with some very useful and basic skills that will wake up your interest in our rich culture, keeping you engaged in learning and will definitely make your traveling and culture immersion much more enjoyable. 

These fully on-line (face to face*) courses are free of charge and are provided by in-training Chinese teachers, eager to answer all your questions and much more!